About Us


SHENZHEN OPTE LIGHTING CO.,LTD. is a high-tech company dedicated to integrating advanced technology & ideas of lighting since it was established.

Opte is dedicated to manufacturing high quality LED Track Light LED Downlight and providing Premium LED lighting solutions to enhance indoor commercial spaces .our engineering team is committed to designing and delivering quality solutions with an extensive lifetime which enlighten sales opportunities and reduce total operating costs for your commercial lighting

Car Exhibition Lighting

Car Exhibithion

The great thing about light is that it always has some truly effect on the color of the items it hits.A high color rendering index (CRI) LED Track Light plays an indispensable role for car exhibition,IES file could be offered for Dialux

Cloth Store Lighting

Cloth store

As a clothing retailer you know how important to make a luxurious and comfortable mood for customers ,Unique optic technology of Focus Reflection provides evenly distributed beam angle and gentle soft edges of the light spot.

Restaurant Lighting

Leisure Clubs

The Ceiling Down Light is ideal as accent lights for demanding environments like restaurant ,clubs,shops,showrooms and galleries. Available in 9W or 75W, 10°/ 15°/ 24 °/ 38°/60 °,either semi-pulling structure or full-pulling structure.

Hotel Lighting


We have various kinds of light for hotel such as Anti-glare LED Down Light , Surface Mounted LED Down Light ,Rotatable LED Downnligt ,Available in either 2inch Maximum 10inch, either low baffle with reflector or deep baffle with optical lens.