Knowledge for Food Fresh LED Light

Food LED Lighting
One of the senses we have at our disposal, sight is what we predominantly use to perceive quality and freshness. In today’s market, the anchor for supermarket chains, and independent green grocers alike, is the freshness of their produce. This is why it is crucial to do food lighting displays justice and illuminate them in light with characteristics that are best suited their colouration.
Tuned and Accurate Colour temperature

Opte’s Meat LED is white color LED, not that red LED mix white LED like normal light.

Luring clients

Within 1 step MacAdam Color Ellipse, Opte’s Meat LED is developed with a tuned and full color spectrum that enhances red and simultaneously displays white in a clear and fresh way.Deliver a spectacular visual fresh impact for appearance of meat, look incredibly attractive.

Colour Rendering Index (CRI)

Opte can offer high CRI 97 LED.
The colour rendering index of a light source is a measure of the sources ability to reveal an objects colour faithfully. Powerstar luminaire render the vivid reds of fresh meats and the oranges and yellows of dairy products like cheese.

Minimal Infrared and Ultraviolet radiation

LED lighting is ideal for fresh meat. Emitting less heat into the display case than fluorescent lights. Powerstar LED protects foods from unwanted heat, reduce the rate of decay. Lower product temperatures help maintain the freshness and appearance of meats.

Energy saving and long life time

Opte’s led lighting boasts greatly reduced energy consumption in comparison to that of traditional light sources. In addition to operational efficiency savings, there are also savings to be made in terms of maintenance. LED light sources outperform traditional light sources in reliability, with rated lives of 50,000 hours.

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